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How Can I Disable the Charge Screen Feature?

Having the Charge Screen active is another convenient way to passively earn points while charging your mobile device. This definitely increases your earning potential, therefore, we highly encourage having this feature enabled.

On the other hand, if you wish to disable this feature, there are 2 ways to do so. 

Below are the steps:

Option 1: This will completely disable the feature until you decide to reactivate it.
1. Open your Current App.

2. On the Home screen, go to ‘Settings’ by tapping the gear icon at the upper right corner of the screen

3. Under 'Preferences', locate the 'Charge Screen' option.

4. Switch it off by toggling it to 'OFF'.

5. If you wish to reactivate this, you can follow the steps 1 to 4 again and toggle the option to 'ON'.

Option 2: This will temporarily suspend the Charge Screen; and will appear when the mobile device is connected to the charger again.
1. As soon as your mobile device is connected to a charger, the Charge Screen will come up. 

2. You need to tap 'Cancel' before the time limit goes up, which is indicated by the loading bar.

3. If successful, the Charge Screen will be removed temporarily.

Note: Earning points while charging will be disabled if the feature is manually switched off or canceled on the Charge Screen itself.