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I am blocked or suspended.

If your account is suspended, you should be provided instructions with how to un-suspend your account. If your account is blocked, you will be unable to access the Current app again and there is no appeals process for this. The following actions are strictly prohibited and will result in your account being banned or suspended.

1. Using a VPN or any other way to gain fraudulent access to Current.

2. Putting your Invite Code on online reviews. Please do not exploit the invitations feature.

3. Using multiple IDs with one device and/or using multiple devices with one ID. IMEI Changers and other ID emulators will get you banned permanently.

4. Spamming invitations. Invite active users who will actually use Current.

5. Using VOIP phone numbers, we only accept verified emails and actual phone numbers for redemption.

6. Using online emulators to mimic authentic phone usage.