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Where is my redemption?

Your redemption is on it's way...we promise! Due to the way we process redemptions, it can sometimes take up to 7 business days for your redemption to be processed. 

Depending on where we are shipping the product to, products can take anywhere from 2-7 weeks to arrive. Please be patient! If you still have not received your product after this time period, there could be a few reasons behind the delay.

  • International shipping can be slow and a number of unknown factors can affect the time a product takes to arrive at its destination. If your product is taking longer than expected, this is the most likely scenario.

  • You have been flagged as a suspicious user and we are checking to make sure there is no fraud. You can see all the reasons we may have flagged you as suspicious here. If we determine that fraud has been committed on your account, you will be blocked from using Current and your reward will not be sent.