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Bluetooth Smartwatch Manual

Bluetooth Smartwatch Manual


  1. System/App Requirements

  • Android 4.2and above support       
  • IOS 8.0and above support     
  •   Bluetooth BT4.0
  1. Preparation Before Use

Make sure the smartwatch is fully charged before initial use. The smartwatch may not have an initial charge straight out of the box. In this case, please charge the smartwatch first.

  1. Download the App on your smartphone.

    1. For android users, you may download the app from the Google Playstore by searching “HryFine”or scanning this QR code.
    2. For IOS users, you can download the app only by scanning this QR code.


4. Pairing Instructions

  • You need to make sure the app is successfully downloaded on your smartphone. For IOS users, Bluetooth needs to be enabled. For Android users, both Bluetooth and GPS need to be enabled.
  • Open the “HryFine” app on your smartphone - you would need to create your account for this app first to start using it. 
  • To start pairing, press and hold the touch button on your smartwatch.
  • Open the app from your smartphone and tap the “My” icon from the lower right corner of the screen. From here you can tap “Search Device”.
  • Once the app has successfully located your smartwatch, select the corresponding device address, make sure you choose the one that matches the address displayed from the smartwatch. Then, click “Connect”.
  • If done correctly, the app should show the pairing is successful.

5.  How to Use your Smartwatch

  • After the smartwatch is successfully connected, it will automatically synchronize the date and time of the phone.
  • The app can synchronize the movement data of the smartwatch, such as: heart rate, blood pressure, pedometer, sleep and other data.
  • Long press on the homepage touch button to switch the dial style.
  • Short press to toggle between the functions of the smartwatch.

6. Function list

  • Homepage - Displays time, date, battery and other info.
  • Pedometer - Displays the number of steps, completed status, distanced walked and calories burned for the day. The data will be cleared by 12:00am each morning. The historical data of steps can be viewed from the app.
  • Heart Rate Measurement - The heart rate (blood pressure and blood oxygen) will be automatically measured. When completed, the result will be displayed on the smartwatch and data will be stored in the app.
  • Exercise/Sports Mode - Displays information when running, jump rope, sit-ups, exercises, etc.
  • Information - You can see push messages and other messages received from your smartphone.
  • Sleep - When worn while sleeping, records the length and quality of sleep, and wake time (you can also set the length of time for your sleep). These details can be viewed from the app

Other Settings:

  • Mobile phone search: When the app is connected, tap “My”and select “Hand Ring Settings”. From here, tap “Find Device” and the connected smartphone will vibrate and play the current ringtone set, if audio is enabled.
  • Bluetooth Music: When the app is connected, the music on the smartphone can be controlled to pause, play, previous song, next song.
  • Weather: Display the current weather temperature in degrees, synchronized with the app.
  • QR Code: Scan the QR code to download the app (you can view the device address of the connected device).
  • Restore Factory Settings: Resets your smartwatch. All smartwatch information will be cleared.
  • Shutdown: Long press on the home button to switch the device off. To switch on, long press the home button again.